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Andy Postle is one of Australia's experienced commercial sound recordists.  Highly experienced in commercial and advertising work, with numerous credits, a few selected ones are listed here, please call to discuss your requirements.

For bookings please phone his agent Top Technicians +612 9958 1611 - Contact him directly on  +61 (0) 415 903499  or use the Contact Form

2017: Fox Sports, League Channel Launch

2016: Australian Seniors Funeral  Insurance, One3Six, Director: Aaron Schereck

2016:, One3Six. Aaron Schereck

2016: My Fair Lady, Sydney Opera House, Kudos Films, ACMN, Guy Mansfield.

2015: TVC, The Producers.

2015: ZIP Hydrotap – TV  Commercial and Testimonials, Square Fish. Director  Hamish Siddens

2014: AYAM Web Series Jo & Mrs Lam, Director Alex Weinress, HIXON FILMS

2014: Tourism Events Queensland – Commercial Shoots – Ensemble

2014:  RSPCA – You and Your Pet Commercials, One3Six, Director – Aaron Schereck 

2013: The Addams Family Capitol Theatre Production Sydney – TVC’s Promos and Radio Advertisements - Kudos Films, Director Guy Mansfield.

2013: Adidas  ‘Ultimate Boost’  -  Milk Money Films
Australian Tourism, Food & Wine Campaign  – Milk Money Films
Holland Financial Services – Real Insurance  – One3Six, Director - Aaron Schereck
BT Financial Group

2006: Powerhouse Museum TVCs
 - Great Wall of China - 16MM FILM TVC, Massive Productions

2006/2007: Olay Total Effects TVC's- High Definition, Zealot Productions, Director Helen Campbell.

2006: Australian Tourism Commission TVC's
 - Multicam Hi Definition Zealot Productions - Location Sound Recordist
Studio Based Channel Seven Themed Australian Tourism Commercials

2002: 'Forever Young'
Commonwealth Bank TVC's Silverlining Productions
Director: Mike Miller - 35mm

 2001: Nescafe - Commercial TVC's
Zali Steggall -  Daily Planet Productions
Director: Greg Chapman.16mm

2000: "Think Different"
Apple Commercials, Bunton Films, Director Chris Cudliff.
2000: Breville  - TV Commercials,
Heiress Films, Director: Jennifer Cummins

2000: Through Children's Eyes,
World Vision Becker Entertainment,
TV Special & TV Commercials. Dir. Annie Howard

 1999: Breaking The Chains
World Vision - Commercial Director: Annie Howard
1999: Flexirent /Harvey Norman Commercial,
1998: Landcare Australia TV Commercials,
Garner Maclennan Productions Director: Rory Mc Court

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