Sound Equipment Available

Sound Equipment - Selling Australia Show

Audio Recording Equipment
Please call Andy on + 61 415 903 499 for Rates or use the contact form for any enquiries. 
Full Drama/Feature & Documentary Kits Available:
 Location Sound Trolley

Sound Devices SD688 12 Input 16 Track Recorder with SL6 Six Channel Wireless adaptor &  CL12 & Wingman Ipad Controllers

Sound Devices 788T 12 Track Hard Drive Recorder with Cl8 Controller & Ipad Controller

Sound Devices 633 10 Track Portable Recording Mixer - Lightweight Documentary Kit 

Zaxcom Broadcast WAV - Stereo Wireless Camera Link System

Zaxcom IFB Client Monitors with Time Code 

Sound Devices CL12  Mixer
Sound Devices 302 - 3 Channel Location Mixer
Fostex PD6 6track DVD & Hard Drive Location Recorder
 PSC M4 Stereo Audio Mixer
Tascam 6 Channel Mixer
Sennheiser 416T Shotgun Microphones
Vdb & Ktec Boom Poles & Mounts
Rycote Windshield systems for 416s

Wireless Boom via Wideband Lectrosonics TX 

 6 Wideband Lectrosonics UHF  Radio Microphone Systems - LT Transmitters & SRc Recievers

2 Lectrosonics 201 UHF Diversity Radio Microphone Systems
3 Lectrosonics 195 UHF Radio Microphone Systems
2 Lectrosonics 185 VHF Radio Microphone Systems
Sony ECM 77B Lapel Microphones
Sanken COS 11 Lavaliere Microphones X10
PSC Millimics Lavaliere MicrophonesX 5
AKG D24 Microphone
Li-ion NP1 Battery Powering System for Portable Mixers
Swit & RPL Battery Management Chargers
Comtek Camera Companion System for wireless Timecode Slate
Roadcases & Portable Carry Cases

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